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Investor Relations

Governance Documents

Our business is managed through the oversight and direction of the Board of Directors. Our Board seeks to maintain high corporate governance standards. The Board of Directors has determined that no directors other than Mr. Ortberg has a material relationship with our company (other than as a director). Accordingly, all but one of our directors are "independent" directors based on an affirmative determination by our Board of Directors in accordance with the listing standards of the New York Stock Exchange and Securities & Exchange Commission rules.

Our directors regularly keep informed about our business at meetings of the Board and its Committees and through various supplemental reports and communications between meetings. Our non-employee directors meet regularly in executive sessions without the presence of any corporate officers. These executive sessions are chaired by the lead independent director or a director, designated by the independent directors, who has the relevant background to lead the discussion of a particular matter. Information relating to our directors is available for your review.

We continue to enhance our corporate governance structure from time to time in light of regulatory activity and based upon a review of recommended best practices. Our corporate governance documents include: